Neural Networks: Case Study of Industrial usage and My favorite use case.

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This article is intended to explain Neural Networks and discuss an interesting use case in the industry.

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Before diving into the ocean of Deep Learning and Neural Networks, let’s first start with the basics and try to understand everything related to these terms from the basic level.

The practice of Deep Learning and Neural Networks is related to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Let’s see each term one by one.

Artificial Intelligence

We know that computers are super fast in computing speed but have no brains, while humans are blessed with brains but are slow in computing abilities. So, we came up with the idea of providing brains to the computers in an artificial manner so that computers can mimic human behavior, then computers can be called intelligent. Hence, here comes the term Artificial Intelligence.

Machine Learning

Just like humans learn from past experiences and make conclusions and predictions about the situational future data, computers can also learn when fed with a lot of historical data as input. Computers can make a general model or formula from that historical data which can be applied to future data and predictions can be made just as humans tend to do. This practice of making computers learn by feeding lots of input data is called Machine Learning.

Neural Network

There are various algorithms for feeding datasets to the computer and make computers learn from the dataset. One such algorithm is Neural Network. A Neural Network is composed of neurons stacked in layers of several neurons. One neuron is like a mathematical function that maps input to output. A number of neurons collectively makes the function effective for more complex predictions.

Deep Learning

This term represents the subset of machine learning where we make the machine learn with the help of Neural Networks. Basically, the training of the neural network model is called Deep Learning.

Comparison between Human Brain and Artificial Neural Networks

The human brain is made up of a number of neurons connected together which is believed to have thinking capabilities, sound & visual processing capabilities, and many other similar capabilities. We have the sense organs such as Eyes, Ears, Tongue, Skin, Nose that take input from the world and feed into the brain for learning. Whenever a new input comes, the mind automatically tries to predict the outcome for the data.

Similarly, Artificial Neural Networks have the input layer of neurons, the deep hidden layers of neurons where processing takes place, and the output layer from which the output is achieved.

Let’s see this comparison with the help of diagrams:

Let’s now see my favorite industrial use case of Neural Networks


We all love watching our favorite shows and movies on the most popular video streaming platform worldwide, Netflix.

Netflix is the epitome of user experience and Content Recommendation. It uses the recommendation engine behind the scenes that use complex Neural Networks architecture of Deep Learning to build the model which lets the users let awesome recommendations for the shows according to their taste.

Netflix’s Senior Data Scientist, Mohammad Sabah said in a statement, in 2014, that about 75% of users are choosing the shows and movies according to the recommendation of Netflix and Netflix is working towards making this estimate even higher.

A lot of research is being done on the backend of these companies to make the Neural Network models even more intelligent.

Even similar kind of recommendation engines is created in E-commerce web services that recommend products which clients might be interested in buying.

This was all about one of the use cases of Neural Networks in the industry.

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