In this post, I’m going to mention what concepts and use cases I learned after attending a workshop by LinuxWorld on MongoDB Database.


MongoDB is the Document based database following the NoSQL Data model, helping in faster access of data with increased I/O performance. The I/O performance gives a better…

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In this post, I’m going to mention what concepts I learned and what use cases I became aware of after attending a workshop by LinuxWorld on Shell Scripting.

Introduction to Shell Scripting

Although we have advanced tools for Automation, sometimes requirements are solved by Shell Scripting. The program that takes input or command from…

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We’ll see how to configure the HAProxy and Apache web server on the AWS EC2 instances using Ansible.

For reference, you can read my article stating how to launch this setup on local machines like Oracle Virtual Box VM’s.

I’ll take this article as a reference to launch the setup…

This article will give you an idea of how can you use jinja templating to make a dynamic configuration file for ansible.

First of all, let’s get a brief idea of what Ansible and HAProxy are.


It is an automation tool specialized for Configuration Management and its modules make it…

This article is intended to explain Neural Networks and discuss an interesting use case in the industry.

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Before diving into the ocean of Deep Learning and Neural Networks, let’s first start with the basics and try to understand everything related to these terms from the basic level.

The practice of…

This article will give you an idea of how you can write ansible plays more effectively in terms of optimization.

Problem Statement:

Restarting HTTPD Service is not idempotence in nature and also consumes more resources. Suggest a way to rectify this challenge in the Ansible playbook.

Given Scenario

Suppose your goal is to configure…

This article is intended to give a brief introduction to Ansible and show how it is being leveraged in the IT industry along with one use-case solved by it in NASA.

Credits: Ansible and NASA logo

So, let’s start with the main question, what exactly is this “Ansible”?

Well, the answer goes as:

Ansible is…

This article will give you a path to solve the challenge of using Hadoop through Ansible and you can follow a similar approach to use Ansible in any of your projects.

The Task (Problem Statement) is: Configure Hadoop and start cluster services using Ansible Playbook


Ansible is an automation tool…

This blog will help you in understanding Ansible’s configuration management power to solve the use case of running a web server on top of a Docker container.


In this article, I’ll show how to do the following tasks:

Writing Ansible PlayBook that does the
following operations in the managed nodes:

This blog will give an introduction to several AI/ML Services on AWS

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I recently attended a Workshop on AI services on AWS and would like to share some knowledge I gained by the same. (Self-Reflection)

AI/ML: Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Humans are intelligent. It’s their brain that gives them intelligence. The brain for computers is their CPU/RAM which happens to be not that intelligent. There are certain…

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